We provide complete transport solutions for your employees.

With depots throughout the UK, we can provide reliable transport, independent payment, a client portal showing realtime information, and proof for client invoicing.

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The study of 18,000 British workers by a team at University of East Anglia found that workers who give up their cars and get the bus and commute with others to work are happier and are more productive in the day.

— The Telegraph

Who we are

My Work Bus Ltd formed following a year and half of collaboration between two industry professionals, one having owned and managed a successful recruitment agency and the other a coachman with enviable knowledge of staff transport at various companies. The latter also has 40 years of experience in the passenger transport industry, and ran one of the largest in-house recruitment agency and passenger transport fleets in the UK.

What we do

We work with you to provide your staff a complete transport solution, allowing them to sell the full package to your client; when questioned, factory managers expressed concerns over staff transport and their workers getting in on time when scheduled buses do not run early or late enough. Parking at their major factories is also becoming a major issue.

We take away the headache of running your transport, a real one-call answer to getting your workforce to and from work safely and on time.

We have invested thousands of pounds in a smart card ticket system that will provide web-based, password protected access for our customers to their individual routes via an online portal. This allows your planners to make adjustments when necessary. This system has been designed exclusively to our specification, and allows you to demonstrate to the various authorities that your workers have traveled and that an independent third party has been responsible for transport. This alleviates the need for traditional, easily-lost paper forms. I'm sure we've all been there!

What does it take to carry one passenger over 60 miles?

Fuel consumption by transport method infographic

It is worth considering that a 60-seater coach could save up to 1.3 million car miles for your staff on a two-shift system in just one year. With green issues high on factory agendas, you can tick another box.

Our commitment

Our offices are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year; we offer unrivaled service through a dedicated team. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality transport available, and we have the qualified staff to back it up.

We are not just a coach company, we are your transport solution.